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a) Jürgen Kriz (1999) On Attractors - The Teleological Principle in Systems Theory, the Arts and Therapy. POIESIS, A Journal of the Arts and Communication, 24-29

b) Translated chapters of my book: "Chaos, Angst und Ordnung. Wie wir unsere Lebenswelt gestalten" (engl.: Chaos, Fear and Order. How we Shape our Existence), which is published in October 1997 by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen.

b0) Foreword

b1) Chapter 1 On Chaos and Order

b2) Chapter 2:   Creative Chaos in Psychotherapy

c) Jürgen Kriz (2001): Self-Organization of Cognitive and Interactional  Processes .

d) Jürgen Kriz (2007): Actualizing Tendency:The link between person-centered and experiential psychotherapy and interdisciplinary systems theory

e) Jürgen Kriz (2007): Oswald Külpe and the Würzburg School from the perspective of modern systems theory

f) Jürgen Kriz (2008): (Self)-Actualization, meaning structures and meaning fields  (Chapter 6 from “Self-Actualization)

g) Forword & introduction to „Self-Actualization”  see: